5 Healthy Foods That Add Years To Your Life

Living forever is not possible but you can at least add some years to your lives. You need to take care of your graceful body by nourishing it in the best possible way. Your body shapes the way you fed it. There is no such magical food that completely transform your life until your body gets all the nutrients it needs. The quality of your life depends mainly on your dietary choices. Adding some healthy foods daily into your meals will definitely extend your life span. This article will throw some light on the top five healthy foods that can add years to your life.

1.  Get the right amount of protein

Some legend said that excess of everything is bad, so you should apply this quote in your daily activities like food. Study indicated that too little or too much consumption of protein can shorten your lifespan. You will need protein for various body functions, so never subtract the food rich in protein from your diet. Starting your day by eating eggs is enough to extend your lifespan.

2.  Prefer Green leafy food

The leafy greens are the best longevity foods that keeps you active throughout your life. When you add a variety of vegetables, then it will give you minerals, vitamins, proteins and what not! According to a research, if the middle-aged person consume a cup of cooked green food, then he will get an additional four years of his life as compared to the individuals who ate no vegetables. This powerful nutritional punch protect your brain from the effects of aging and keep it smarter and healthier.

3.  Eat a handful of nuts

Seeds and nuts are best food items that add more years to your life. The never lasting list of the benefits of nuts reflect its importance in one’s life. Taking a handful of nuts on daily basis will reduces your chance of dying from any deadly disease by 20 percent. Almonds, pistachios, walnuts and other yummy treats are a great source of dietary fibers that your body needs to stay health for the entire life.

4.  Reduce the consumption of dairy products

People who take cow’s milk on daily basis are more prone to obesity or other health issues. This happens because the human digestive system is not made for the cow’s milk which is a large amount of sugar and fat. Calcium is the need of your body but excess of calcium intake can produce stones in your kidneys. Getting the right amount of calcium from plants is even a better idea.

5.  Add fish to your diet

A study indicated that people who eat at least three ounces of fish on daily basis lives longer as compared to the people who ate no fish. You will find many species of fish in the world but prefer the one which is not exposed to high levels of chemicals such as the cod, anchovies or sardines. It is one of the healthy foods that you can add to your longevity diet plan.