People Naming Their Company After A Mythical Creature

When a person is opening his or her own company, they do not think deep and they also do not think out of the box, they just go with the flow and follow the paths or others, and this is one of the reason why their business do not reach to another level.

When you are opening your own business, you need to plan and think of something, which could get you clients and it should be different from others. One of the most important thing of a business is that how you market your business, if you will not market it right, you will not get any clients and you will most probably go in loss. So, one of the things, which you can do is, name your brand or your company after something, which is already known and it represents something good, so that you can use that as a symbol and this is what exactly the ‘Qilin World Capital’ did, it is an Asian based family company and they have used this technique and as far it is working great for them.

They named their company after an Asian mythical creature, called; Qilin. Qilin comes from a Chinese culture and it is known for good luck and great prosperity, and not just that, it is also known as wealth. Even though its face kind of looks like a Chinese dragon, but it is not a dragon, as its body looks like a body of a horse or a deer and it has scales of a fish all over its body, so one cannot call it a dragon.

So, when Qilin World Capital named their company after the mythical creature, it was actually a really smart move and I am sure that this is one of the reasons, they have been doing great so far. As they were able to make people feel that they are connected to them and that they understand them and not just that, when they used Qilin as a symbol for their company, it gave a positive impact on people’s mind and they felt confident enough to trust the company. So, you can also do what Qilin World Capital did and the best thing about it was that is also an Asian based company and they choose an Asian creature, but if you are in any other continent, you should choose it according to that.

Qilin World Capital is not the only company, which was named after the mythical creature, there are plenty of others as well in the market, but you get my point. So, if you also want people to feel connected to your business and you want you give a positive impact, then maybe you should also do something like that, and as it worked out for Qilin World Capital, it might work out for you as well.