Pine needle oil: all about it

Pine needle oil has become one of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy; It is combined with other oils including cedar wood, rosemary, sage, labdanum, and juniper, and therefore, can be widely used in the manufacture of preparations for many uses, and for humans it is one of the safest essential oils, although some people are sensitive and may suffer from mild respiratory irritation when inhaling when exaggerated with the aromas. Pine needle oil is an essential oil extracted through a distillation process of pine needles; the composition of the oil can vary depending on the age of the pine and the species (usually Pinus).

It is a clear liquid with a strong smell of pine, which has recognized antiseptic and antibacterial properties since ancient times. Pine needle oil is an excellent solvent for oils, resins, fats and waxes, which allows it to be used in paints and varnishes, has an anti-cream effect, and dissolves dry paint very well so you can clean brushes. It has the characteristic aroma of pine, is widely used for the formulation of cleaners, disinfectants, domestic and industrial sanitizers for its germicidal action (eliminates bacteria and fungi), being insoluble in water for this application is necessary to use a nonionic surfactant to emulsify the essence of pine.

The aroma of pine is an aroma that is generally perceived as pleasant because it is an aroma associated with the forest and a natural environment, because it is used as a fragrance in soaps and flavoring products to refresh the environment helps to combat unpleasant odors, It has an energizing aroma, which induces relaxation and the sensation of cleanliness and well-being. Pine oil is used in other industries such as mining, and in the textile industry. It is also used in some aromatherapy treatments because it is considered beneficial for the respiratory tract, as decongestant and expectorant, it is very important that the treatments are applied by recognized professionals of this type of therapies, essential oils in general, not being natural they are totally innocuous, the fact of using them without knowledge can represent a risk to health.

Normally, Pine needle oil is obtained by steam distillation, from fresh twigs and needles. The benefits of pine essential oil for health include its ability to reduce inflammation and associated redness, protecting against infections to the sinuses, releasing mucus and phlegm, as well as curing skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. , stimulating the immune system protecting the body from a wide variety of germs, fighting fungal and viral infections, and regulating the mind and body to be in sync. All this is achieved thanks to its antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, stimulating and aromatic properties above all.

Pine oil and training

  • It stimulates metabolism, triggering several mechanisms for fat loss and muscle growth.
  • It is one of the best natural products for mental focus and good humor; this allows increasing the performance inside and outside the gym.
  • Eliminates excess water, purifying the body, allowing a better muscle tone.
  • As an anti-inflammatory agent, it is interesting for a better recovery in post-training.
  • It regulates stress, which allows maintaining motivation during the day, and during an intense session of exercises.
  • In case of accidents, thanks to its antiseptic powers it is essential to heal wounds, bruises, or internal injuries.
  • Improves breathing, facilitating the transport of oxygen through the cells during training.

The multifunctions of pine essential oil for health

  • Protects the skin: dermatologists usually prescribe this oil for the treatment of psoriasis, itching, acne, eczema, scabies, ulcers, and fleas; It can also act as an antioxidant that fights free radicals that attack healthy skin cells and cause them to mutate, reaching premature aging, appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity, therefore it is an essential oil for the beauty and tone of the skin.
  • It is a good cosmetic: it also has a fascinating essence and gives a sweet aroma to the environment, it can also eliminate hair lice, and it is widely used as a massage and bath oil, widely used in soaps and cleaning products.
  • Stimulates the metabolism: In addition to flavoring the environment, stimulates metabolism, which allows developing and maintaining a better physical shape and body composition.
  • It is depurative: it is useful in the purification of the body due to its ability to treat intestinal problems, as well as diuretic, because it helps to eliminate excess water from the body through urination. By stimulating the frequency and amount of urine, more uric acid, excess water, salt and body fat are eliminated, reducing toxins more quickly.
  • Pine needle oil reduces pain: it is considered an analgesic and therefore is a good remedy for people suffering from joint pain, arthritis and rheumatic diseases, also reduces inflammation and redness in the affected areas, simultaneously eliminating pain
  • Regulates stress: creates a sense of energy and is effective in eliminating mental stress in all its forms; It is also used to eliminate adrenal fatigue, and is an excellent mood elevator, provides mental clarity, eliminates anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Take care of the eyes: it neutralizes free radicals through its antioxidant capacity, including the eye zone; this allows treating or preventing macular degeneration, cataracts, and a number of other conditions related to vision.
  • It fights infections: it is a natural remedy for various infections, including those of the urinary tract, thanks to its antibacterial compounds.
  • Treats injuries: is antiseptic and is used regularly to treat boils, cuts, sports injuries, and athlete’s foot; This is not only due to its antiseptic properties, but also its anti-fungal characteristics, which serves to calm one of the most dangerous and difficult conditions to treat, and if they become internal it can be fatal.
  • Pine needle oil allows breathing better: it is very useful to cure respiratory problems, when there is cough and cold; this is due to his abilities as an expectorant, which means that he loosens phlegm and mucus from the airways.