Why Choose a Combi Boiler?

At the time of making us with a boiler for the house, one of the fundamental aspects is the search for a condensation model, the most modern launched that allow a lower energy consumption together with a better optimization of the appliances we have connected. There are many models from different manufacturers and all of them come to add a new member that this time is signed by Junkers that presents Combi boilers, in this case of diesel with which to manage heating and water hot sanitary

Another factor in the installations with the older central heating boiler is that all the neighbors pay a proportional price, based on criteria such as the square meters of their house, regardless of whether they get more or less heat to their homes.

Advantages of the central heating boiler

Some of the advantages that characterize the central heating systems are:

  • The production of heat is optimized: a single heat source serves several dwellings, which can be found in the same block or in several.
  • Being a community facility, it is not necessary for each neighbor to have a boiler in their home.
  • In communities of owners with a large number of neighbors the maintenance price of a community boiler that is passed on to each neighbor is usually less than the maintenance of an individual boiler. In addition, as it is necessary to purchase large volumes of fuel, the traders usually offer special prices.

 Benefits of central heating: A practical case

From what homes and in what kind of climate do you get benefits by having a central heating system? In general, in those areas where during the winter the heating must be on for several hours, where low temperatures are registered and, in addition, the central heating system serves a considerable number of dwellings.

When renovating the boiler room, it was decided to replace the old diesel boilers with biomass boilers: a change that has meant an estimated saving of 40% in the energy bill of the community of owners, while also reducing the emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

“Although the inhabitants of the building will continue to enjoy the same degree of comfort, the pellet has several advantages over diesel because it is a fuel that does not emit such strong odors and is cheaper and more environmentally friendly, as it is generally manufactured from waste materials from the wood processed and converted into biofuel.

Actually, it is a good example because the facilities must be optimized with energy efficiency in mind, so the benefits achieved thanks to central heating are multiple: energy saving (and economic for the neighbors), assured comfort, and fewer emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

The extra large load chamber for logs up to 50 cm allows extra comfortable heating with wooden logs. And through the automatic change of wood to pellets, it is also guaranteed hot when you do not enjoy filling with firewood.To know more about combi boiler please visit https://www.combiboiler.co.uk/