Selling Your Old Bike Online In The UK

If you have found a replacement for your motorbike in another newer model or a car; it is time to bid goodbye to the old companion. Selling your bike online in the UK is a fairly easy task, all thanks to the ‘Motorbike Buyer’. This website is a comprehensive web platform that offers you the chance to sell your old bike with good resale value and get good money for it as well.

Requirements to sell old bike online

If you have any plans to sell your motorbike online, we can surely help you in this regard. There are a few basic steps and a few basic things that you will need to provide in order to sell your vehicle online on the website.

Personal details

Selling your bike online means that you will want people to contact you to investigate further and negotiate about the vehicle. This is why it is important to provide basic personal details on the website along with the listed product.

  • Name – Provide your full name or as it is mentioned on your NIC.
  • Contact number – Provide your personal contact number. Make sure that the number is working and always reachable.
  • Email Address – Another thing that is very important is your email address. This could be required for follow-ups and instant contact.
  • Postal address – This is highly optional but strongly recommended. This way you allow the prospective buyer to visit you and check out the bike to come to a decision.

Vehicle details

In addition to personal details, you should provide adequate information about the vehicle itself.

  • Vehicle Photograph – This is mandatory. You need to capture clear and high-quality pictures of the bike from various angles and make it available for the prospective buyers online.
  • Maker – You need to provide other important details of the motorbike. This includes details about the maker brand. This is crucial information that should not be missed out.
  • Model – Another thing that needs to be mentioned with the bike is a model number as well as the year of manufacture. This makes it easy to look up the bike on the website as well as making it easy to categorize the bike accordingly on the website.

In addition to all the above information, you can mention further details of choice such as available contact hours, years of usage and registration number etc. For more info visit: