Is website hosting really necessary for a website?

Like how night follows the day, web hosting follows a website. It is also known as the physical area of a website on the internet. It acts as an online storage unit. All the data that makes up your website like images, videos can be stored here. The server that holds the data of your website will be maintained by your web hosting service provider.

You must have your own domain under your belt in order to fully benefit from the features that the hosting companies offer. The hosting company will assist you in purchasing a new domain for yourself if you already do not have one. The competition for the top 10 web hosting companies is growing every single day due to many start ups coming in to the business every single day.

Types of web hosting:

There are various services and features that the web hosting services offer on a variety of packages. The major types of web hosting are shared hosting, website builders and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting:

In this type of hosting service you will share the hosting environment with multiple website holders. The physical server along with the software applications will be shared with the other owners. The biggest advantage of this type of hosting is that it is quite affordable since you share the expense with other owners. Being slower is the only disadvantage in this type of hosting.

Website builders:

This type of hosting service is for the people who lack the knowledge and technical skill to host a website. The entire work procedure involved in building a website will be taken care of by the hosting service. And they will take care of the hosting too.

Dedicated hosting:

In this type of hosting service the entire server will be completely dedicated only for your website. This type of service is usually used by the larger companies like companies that deal their business with ecommerce sites. Websites that involve quite a lot of data and users opt for this type of hosting.

The advantage in this type of hosting is that accessing your website will be very quick and easy. The quickness is due to the lower latency which allows your server to quick process a users request as soon as it receives it. This type of hosting is very expensive due to the amount of work involved in maintaining the server.