Housekeeping: – An Overlook

What is housekeeping in its actual terms?

Housekeeping as we know it, refers to jobs or activities that includes maintenance and servicing in the form of cleanliness, hygiene, proper setup of things around the place and good services from time to time be it in a little room or a big multi-storey apartment. These services also include repairing and fixing in order to check whether everything works perfectly or not. In short, it is one of the most important aspect of living which includes all the things that are needed to ensure a safe and healthy growing environment.

What are the principles of Housekeeping?

Apart from all the cleaning and stuffs that that are included in the procedures. There are some basic principles that should be kept in mind when the procedures are being done: –

  • Keeping up with proper lighting: – Good lit up rooms are always more attractive than dark and dull ones. So in order to keep it up, one must always check the lightings all around the house regularly. Any repairs must be done as soon as possible and changing the bulbs or tubes at frequent intervals is necessary to maintain the quality of lighting.
  • Keeping the equipments: – It always a must to keep the tools and necessary equipments in check for in times of crisis. Like a candle or a torch in times load shedding.
  • Waste disposal: – It’s never a healthy habit to accumulate waste of garbage piece into your house. It makes the place look ugly as well as hygienic as it could be. So it’s always advisable to dispose off unnecessary items or wastes as soon as possible.

What is its importance?

Importance of housekeeping can never be ignored from our normal senses. Its importance is immense and can’t be just put into words. So to explain its importance, let’s look into some situation where a proper housekeeping helps us to manage a lot of activities during crisis.

Let’s take an example, suppose a man who has to catch a train early in the morning, he wakes up early and when he goes to the bath, turns on the tap and finds that there is no water. This makes him unable to bath, or later cook breakfast. Then he finds his room to be all messy and thus he’s not able to grab any suitable dress to wear. And ultimately goes out in a shaggy, unhygienic way and he remains distracted throughout the day. Thus not able to be productive at all.

Obviously no one wants a messy lifestyle like this, here is what the importance of housekeeping comes to play. For instance, if that man was an efficient housekeeper, he would have checked his water supplies regularly and fixed any problems as soon as possible. He must have kept his room clean and tidy, so he didn’t have to rush at the last moment. And his day might have gone healthier and productive.