Bored of Your Regular Board Games? Try Purple Meeple Games

Are you fond of board games? Do you like breaking and making of puzzles? There is a new board game in the market which will surely bring your attention to itself. The board games are a make of Purple Meeple Games and a creative video. Their board games are based on various movies and games which are released in past or recently. You can go to the website of purple meeple games to explore different types of board games in the purple meeple website.

Who can play these board games?

The board games by the purple meeple can be played by the person of age group for 6 – 18. It is a family friendly game and can be played with family too. These board games are very much popular in Australia and almost every person whether it be 6-year-old kid or an 18-year-old teen, everyone is familiar with it.

What kind of board games are available?

 There are various genres of board games which are available in purple meeple website. The genre ranges from strategy to adventure and the price of the games fluctuates in the way as you buy a game. If you buy a small board game with less detailing it will cost less and if you buy a board game with lots of detailing and with lots of challenges, it will cost more.

The board games available on are generally based on the movies, tv shows, or web series and the story go accordingly as shown in the shows.

What is so exciting about the Purple Meeple Board Games?

 Board games which are produced by the purple meeple are totally different from the other board games. In the board games produced by Purple Meeple, there is a story line for every game. You must follow all the rules and regulations to play the games or you might have to bear losses in the game. Winning a game produced by purple meeple games is not easy as it looks like. You need to be creative and imaginative to win the game. All the steps taken by you in the game depends on how much creative you are and how well you can use your imagination.

So, if you want to try something new in the board games, do try the games from  You will be having totally new experience in playing the board games.