Does Sunil Gurjar Has Been Quizzed About Bhanwari?

Sunil Gurjar is the culprit who has circulated the CD in public that contains the images of former Water Resource Minister Mahipal Maderna and the nurse Bhanwari Devi who is missing in a compromising situation and position. The culprit Sunil Gurjar has the CD for close to a year.

CBI has summoned the Gurjar for questioning, he can play a vital role to lead the case ahead. There is a report that he was one of the closest people to Maderna.

Another face of the case?

On the other hand, the prime accused water resource minister Mahipal Maderna will be questioned again by the CBI for his involvement in the nurse Bhanwari Devi missing case. On Sunday the Maderna was hospitalized giving an indication of dodging the cross-questioning by the CBI. The loyalists of the minister have attacked the journalists who all were covering the case from outside the hospital where Maderna is hospitalized during the investigation.

What is the initial evidence?

The main and the first evidence that the CBI recovered was the four minutes audio clip. The clip was all about the conversation of Bhanwari Devi and Indira (the sister of Malkhan Singh Bishnoi) in which Bhanwari is telling Indira that politicians have agreed to pay 7 crores in exchange of CD.

The suspects who got arrested?

Shahabuddin who has a reward of 25,000 on his head, was the first person who had surrendered Sunil Gurjar on 22 October 2011. While the CBI interrogation with Maderna, he confessed that he had the affair with Devi. On January 6 CBI claimed to know about the disposal of Bhanwari Devi’s body. The case was cracked by the CBI within 100 days and was on the way to filer the final charge sheet at the end. There were 12 members arrested by CBI

  • Mahipal Maderna
  • Malkhan Singh Bishnoi
  • Sahiram Bishnoi
  • Sohanlal Bishnoi
  • Shahabuddin
  • Balia
  • Bishnaram Bishnoi
  • Om Prakash Bishnoi
  • Kailash Jakhar
  • Parasram Bishnoi
  • Amarchan, Devi’s husband
  • Umeshram Bishnoi

About the charge sheet:

The CBI charge sheet in the Bhanwari Devi murder case ells that she was the social climber having big ambition. Former cabinet minister Mahipal Maderna and MLA of congress Malkhan Singh Bishnoi both were charged under the murder.

Sunil Gurjar was the distributor and the middlemen for Bhanwari Devi. He had the clip for a year. In the clip Bhanwari Devi and Maderna was in compromising position.