Get funeral insurance to leave your family burden-free

Death is an unfortunate event but sadly the harsh truth too. It shatters people as losing their loved ones is not an easy thing. What’s worse is missing them every moment of your life. The void that forms in the heart cannot be filled again. It takes a lot of courage and strength to move on after that. Life just can’t go back to that same phase but all one can do is accept the fact. But leaving the emotional pain for a while, the cost of a funeral is way too high. An average funeral costs more than $8,500 and if some more prices are included then reaching $10,000 is not a big deal. Shocking isn’t it?

What’s better is to get funeral insurance. Yes, there is insurance available for funerals.

You can simply contact an agency. It is meant to take the burden away from your family after a death. Arranging so much money in a short period is not an easy task so being prepared for it in advance is a better option.

Where to get one?

You can get a funeral insurance Choice Senior Insurance. We act as an intermediate between you and the insurance companies to get you the insurance that suits your requirements the best. You can get insurance of any amount starting from $5,000 to $50,000 from the age 50-89. Once all the expenses are paid off, and if there’s some extra money left, it will be a gift to your family. We guarantee that your monthly premium will not go up. You have to pay a fixed amount every month. Even if you have any health problems, there’s no need to worry because you can get insurance.

How can you apply for the funeral insurance?

There’s no need to give a physical examination before you get the insurance. What’s better is that we can’t cancel your policy due to any age or health issues. If you have too many health problems, it might be a little difficult to get coverage. But there’s another program available called Guaranteed Issue Policy. It comes with a two year waiting period for coverage. You can apply for it without having to come to our office. Filling out all the forms is made easy by providing you with your personal licensed agent. You do not have to pay anything to get your licensed agent. It’s a gift from our side to make the procedure easy for you.

Get funeral insurance and leave your family burden-free.