What is mean by bovenaan on google and it can be done?

These days there are innumerable websites available for the same purpose and people have to go through similar kinds of process to upload them in the web. But still when you search for something then a few results make it to the top of the first page of the search results while others appear in the 6th 7th or even later pages. This is because of the google analytics that google use to produce the search results to the user. This technique is popularly known as search engine optimization or SEO.

Why it is important?

When you search for say men’s t-shirts there might be a thousand sites available that will delivery to you. But you will only choose from the first ten or fifteen sites. The higher the sites appear in the list the better is its chances of attracting customers. So, it is important that your site appears in the top of this list.

How do you do it?

There are specialized persons who are aware of the probable google analytics and they will help you to boost the position of your website in the search results. This is known as bovenaan on google in Dutch. That is making it to the top of the list in the google search results.

Making it to the top in google does not mean you can make it to the top in other search engines

Google is not the only search engine however google is the most used search engine. So, if you make it to the top of the list in google does not mean it will be a similar case in other search engines like yahoo or any other. However, if you make it to the top of the list in google then it is sufficient for your business as you will be attracting a good number of clients through this.

SEO is not expensive

This service has become quite common and for a regular website or a blog or article, it is not very expensive to get the SEO done by an expert. This will cost you a couple of hundred dollars or slightly more in some cases depending on the site and the blog.


So, till date, if you have been running a business site without SEO then it is high time that you take help of an expert and then let them help you out for a very affordable price.