The Different Works Done By Garage BMW For The Different Vehicles

Taking a car to the dealer for one’s service can be very difficult. The car dealers have an unwelcoming way or taking in the cars for service and give a hefty bill for the service. The service time can take more than a week for luxury cars like BMW and others. There are different types of car services for each and every cars, some of them may be similar to the ones provided by other dealers. Garage BMW is one of the top service providers for many brands including Volkswagen, Audi, Mini and all others. They provide a perfect service for all their customers and well known among the community.

Different service provided by Garage BMW

  • Maintenance

Garage BMW is popular for all their maintenance works; these works include all the general services. Some of these maintenance works include oil change, break inspections, cleaning, wheel alignments and many others.

  • Repair

They are specialized in all the necessary works in the luxury segments. Some of these repair works include air conditioning, heating, exhaust system, security alarm and many more.

  • Pre-purchase inspection

When planning to purchase a used luxury car, there are many checks and procedures. These steps and procedures include almost a complete check of the car. They provide a pre-purchase inspection for all the luxury brands.

  • Engine check

Garage BMW has one of the most complicated engine checking systems ever. These system have the ability to diagnose an engine completely without dismantling it. This means that a lot of time can be saved as there is the need to open the faulty separations only.

There is also carbon blasting for direct injection engines. Direct blasting cleans all the engine values and makes them carbon-free. This ensures that the perfect mix of air and fuel reach the cylinders of the engine. The carbon blasting process consists of pushing carbon jelly substances through the valves; these carbon particles absorb all the unwanted sots and others from the engine and make them perform like a new one.

  • Electric repairs

Electric and electronic works are one of the most important in a car. This is also the face of new mobility technology. Here they have experience in maintaining and repairing the electric version of many cars, these include the hybrid versions like the BMW i8 and the fully electric i3s. The electric works here include works on the drive train and power electronics. They are also experienced in solving problems related to the navigation system of normal cars and also update the systems.